Invitation to XI BSUIR Open Programming Championship

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The XI BSUIR Open Programming Championship will be held from March 15 till April 29, 2023 (Minsk, Belarus).

Undergraduates and postgraduates of BSUIR, scholars, students from other universities and countries are invited to participate in the Championship.

The competition will take place in several rounds:

  • Quarterfinals (distance, problems in Russian and English) — March 15 — March 20 (both included);
  • Semifinals (distance/onsite semi-final, russian and english problems) — April 6;
  • Students Final — April 22 (Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics, Minsk);
  • Schools Final — April 29 (Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics, Minsk).

Quarterfinals are required only for BSUIR and school teams but other registered teams can also take part in it. Semifinals are required for all teams. BSUIR and school teams from Belarus take part onsite, other teams — online. Semifinals and Finals will be in ICPC format (5h contest).

To participate in the Championship teams need to be registered prior to April 3, 2023. Participation is free of charge — have fun.

The finalists are 30 (or more by jury decision) students teams, showed the best results in the qualifying rounds, but no more than:

  • 7 teams of undergraduates and postgraduates of BSUIR;
  • 2 teams from each of the universities of Belarus and abroad.

And 25 school teams showed the best results in the qualifying rounds.

University teams, which include at least two ICPC finalists 2022-2023, as well as high school teams, which include at least two winners of the final stage of the National Belarusian Olympiad in Informatics 2023, are allowed to participate in the finals of the Championship without passing the qualifying rounds.

Open BSUIR Programming Championship is held by the ICPC rules. During the Championship, the teams will be given 5 hours to solve 8 to 12 programming problems.

More information about the championship, as well as the problems and results of previous years, you may find at

here's a link there to a telegram channel and discussion, where you can talk to other participants and team up.

A little bit of last year video:

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